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"If you could sit and chat with someone who did over $10,000,000 in the last 24 months... and you could ask them anything...

what would you ask them?"

Well I, Mandy Kendall, recently had that chance. It cost me a whopping sum of $10,000... and was worth every penny. Why? Because for 4 hours and 27 minutes I got to do just that.

From the high level marketing approach needed... to the day to day of structuring and implementing and taking action on ideas... to even the practical stuff such as traffic generation, conversion, product creation and more.

What I walked away with was instantly implementable ideas I could put into action to grow my business. This is important to me because I have just started in internet marketing and I have no prior success making money online.

So Who Is This $10,000,000+ Marketer
and why did I pay him so much?

I knew early on if I were to succeed in this business I needed a mentor. More so, someone who I could trust. Not some joker off the Warrior Forum who just made his first $10,000 the other day and now was supposedly an expert at internet marketing.

I need someone who was near or at the top in terms of their results... and more importantly they could teach what they do.

There was one and only one person I found that could satisfy my criteria. His name is Jason Fladlien. He was expensive and rightfully so.

I observed as Jason...

Yes, that's a one million dollar wire transfer into his bank account. Wow. If anybody knew their stuff, it was this guy.

Jason, along with his business partner Wilson have also founded one of the most successful internet marketing companies out there - Rapid Crush, Inc.

The recipe of their success?

Jason TEACHES The Living Daylights Out Of Anyone!

For people like you and me... The fact that Jason has made millions of dollars is only somewhat relevant. For us, it serves as proof that he knows what he's talking about.

However, the most important thing is...

Can he take you... me... anyone... by the hand and show how exactly we can get results?

Well if you've ever heard him speak... you know that the answer is a resounding YES.

Just an example... a single ONE of his trainings, Product eClass, has produced dozens of six figure earners... and a lot of people attribute their success to that training.

Wait, But Does Jason Has Any Idea what *I* Am Going through right now?

Hey, I agree. Marketing at a 10 million dollar level and marketing at a "I'm just starting out" level is vastly different.

However... If that's what you're focusing on, you're missing the bigger picture.

A marketer of that caliber knows exactly all the problems and obstacles you have encountered... are encountering right now... and will encounter in the future. And he has already figured out a way to overcome them... so you don't have to go through all the trial and error.

So no matter what you're struggling with right now... You'll probably get your answer if you sit down with Jason and talk for a bit.

But that's not always an option... for plenty of reasons. Money, time, distance - just to name a few.

The Next Best Thing to Spending $10,000 to Sit Down With Jason And Picking his Brain One On One...

...Is listen to me do it.

I've specifically prepared a laser-focused list of questions to get the most valuable insights out of him... and when we sat down and did the interview... I was blown away. The amount of valuable, actionable insights was just staggering!

And that almost 4 and a 1/2 hour long interview is precisely what I want to share with you here today.


Talk Fortune

Here's what you'll immediately discover when you invest in Talk Fortune today...

Intro Module - Hitting The Ground Running

In this module, you'll learn things like...

An often misunderstood marketing technique from 1984 makes it child's play to compete with established players... in any market

Module 1:
Opportunity Costs

You know how when you're mowing your lawn you can't play with your kids at the same time? With marketing... while you're doing $10/hour work, you can't possibly do $100/hour work. So you lose $90 every hour!

This module will show you how to avoid this trap... and much more. Check this out...

The simple principle that will take you from $0 weeks to $50,000 weeks...

Module 2:
Day To Day

If you've ever tried to learn a musical instrument like a guitar or a piano... you know that most of the results come from small steps repeated over and over every day.

Same with online marketing. The problem is... how do you pick the right things to do? Here's what Jason has to say about it... and more!

The key to "graduating" to $100/hour, $200/hour work and beyond is focus... discover how to proof yourself from interruptions!

We're just getting started here...

Even if the 3 modules above were all you got... It would be more than worth the asking price. However... I've barely scratched the surface.

The later modules might seem (at first) like you'll need them way down the road... but that's not true. Don't limit yourself like that!

If you implement the techniques from the following modules now while you're still growing... the growth is going to be much more easier to manage... and faster!

Check this out...

Module 3:
The quarter; The year

A lot of people get into online marketing to get away from that "corporate" stuff, away from having a boss and to enjoy some freedom... so they run for the hills once somebody mentions things like KPOs, quarterly plans and other stuff like that.

Yet, if you adopt some stuff from the corporate world... not only will you have a massive edge on your competition, you'll also work less while getting better results! This module deals with exactly that. Check this out...

Why "stealing" techniques from the corporate world can be the key to you having your best year yet...

Module 4
How do you scale?

Outsourcing sounds tempting. You don't have to do the work yet you still profit.

Here's the truth though. Most people try it once and never ever want to outsource again... because it's a massive pain. Why? Because they do it wrong. In this module, you'll discover how to do it right... Check this out!

How to avoid the "internet marketing hamster wheel" and burnout...

Your Future...

The next modules are about the future. The next 5 years. The 10 million dollar level marketing. The big money.

And even though you've gotten get a tremendous amount of immediately applicable information in the first modules... I insist you listen to the rest of the modules just as closely... because you'll learn the big picture and will be able to form a game plan that's fail proof.

Check this out...

Module 5:
The Next 5 Years

There's one thing all failing marketers have in common... they don't plan a single month ahead... let alone 5 years. Planning for 5 years can make the difference between broke and having $50,000 weeks - so make sure you listen to this module right away.

How to knock out your 5 year plan immediately... and how this simple 5 minute exercise will help your profits today!

Module 6:
Marketing At 10 Million

You might think that 10 million level marketing techniques have nothing to do with you (yet). That's not true at all... This module will show you exactly what you must copy from the gurus today... and what you should never copy.

What most beginners that succeeded did... explained step by step!

Module 7:
Where The Big Money Is Made

The truth that most marketers don't want to face is that in order to keep making money you have to 1) innovate and 2) get an unique competitive advantage that nobody can copy.

It's actually easier than you think as Jason will prove in this module...

How to innovate and get a true competitive advantage in any market without a single dollar in startup capital... and even if you never had an original thought in your life!

Module 8:
Immediate Implementation

The last module is designed to get you to take immediate action. Once you're done listening to this module, you'll have a clear idea what's next and you'll be able to hit the ground running!

Check this out...

How to immediately take insights from any module and apply them to your current situation today

The Bottom Line...

So there you have it. Almost 5 hours of audio, filled with useful information and insights you won't find anywhere else.

This training is so packed with information and insights, you'll find that you'll want to play it several times to make sure you catch everything.

Yet listening to it never feels like work. Jason's light hearted delivery keeps it fun... and you won't even notice - at first - how much information you're absorbing while time flies by.

Now the decision is yours. Thankfully...

It's A Simple Enough Decision

Now you're at a crossroads.

You either ignore this offer and go back to whatever you were doing before you came across this.

That would mean you give up on a chance to take a massive shortcut to success... and you're missing out on insights a $10 million marketer is sharing on this interview ONLY.

And you'll be at the same place in a year... 5 years... 10 years. If you're happy with that, I'm happy too!

The other option is you make a decision to do something.

And instead of picking up another shiny object, you pick up this... and lay a groundwork for astounding success... today.

Do we have a deal?

The Price? Peanuts, I say...

The value you're getting is tremendous. If you only consider I put down $10,000 for this information... along with several hours of preperation to extract the most knowledge I could from this opportunity...

It'd be easy to sell this for $299.95. All day.

However, since Jason said I could share this information and I want to get my name out as fast as possible, I'm going to make you a special deal for a limited time.

If you act fast enough you can get this for just $99.95... though the price won't stay this low forever. Just the time this will save you in your day to day marketing makes this a no-brainer... what to speak of that valuable insights you'll get and apply in your business.

Your Risk? $0.00

I want you to know that when you invest in Talk Fortune, you're risking precisely ZERO dollars.

Here's how that works. After you invest in Talk Fortune, you have 30 days to go download it, go through it, apply a lesson or two.

When you invest - you will be taken to a thank you page - you fill in your email address - an email arrives at your inbox with the link to the first week's lesson and then one lesson a week from there on! Easy, and you are on your way to success!

If, at any point you feel you're not getting your money's worth... or even if you don't have any reason at all, just want your money back... Just contact me for a quick, no hassle refund. It's that simple!

So are you in?

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Mandy Kendall

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